First time in the history, I take opportunity to gather all the Kaimkhani's on one plat form, and design stat-of the art Web based tool to easily communicate each other and give the opportunity to everyone to express their thoughts and suggestion I tried to cover all aspects of communication including.

Islamic by the grace of Almighty Allah today we are Muslims so we have firm believe that everything that we have and will be provided by the Almighty Allah so we have to keep happy the Almighty Allah & need to follow & practice Islam in our life and spend according to Quran-e-Pak and Sunnat, 5 Pillars of Islam to get the right success in this life and the real life after this life which is forever.

History I have tried to put the available brief history of Kaimkhani Rajputs but I need a comprehensive history with reference and Family Tree (Shijra KK’s).

Forum through forum everyone can easily convey their messages into community.

Directory is collection of contact information database of all Kaimkhani’s so whenever you visit the site you must update your contact information through directory option.

Gallery contains the information related to your current status and you can also share your picture with Kaimkhani’s.

News You can report daily news related to KK community and be a member of KK news team - Just Send News VIA SMS or e-mail.

Free Advertisement for Kaimkhani's is another great opportunity to promote their businesses around the world and you can also put your daily sales and purchases.

I need your suggestion & Feedback about enhancement of this site so please send by clicking Get in Touch option available on site.


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